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OISOL Clients
OISOL Clients


Mobility Hardware

OISOL primarily focus on delivering value to our clients. Be it mobility hardware solutions or information security or our corporate trainings. Every product and service must add value to our client’s business. OISOL is committed to customer satisfaction through its quality of services.

Business Soution

Experience portability more than ever. OISOL gladly brings to you, innovation that has any kind of effect. Gloating an extensive variety of inventive items including versatile printers, Barcode and RFID scanners and printers, warm printers and so forth. Results accessible for solutions for Retail, Transportation, Delivery, Health Care, Distribution, Warehouse house, Lab Management, RFID solutions


Corporate Trainings

Change for betterment in inevitable in any business; addition of new products or new service is a change. New process and skills upgrade for that new product or new services will be mandatory for the organization. Our Corporate Training services is the framework for helping employees to develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities.
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